The real magic happens behind-the-scenes
with an expert pair of technicians

Before your guests arrive, Sam and one other technician set-up all the lighting, curtains, and sound equipment necessary for a spectacular and flawless night of hilarious entertainment.

Ontario Performances:

Book a performance in Ontario (Canada) and our trucks will deliver everything you need to the venue of your choice.

Download our Production Overview to learn about staffing, equipment, and our stage plot.

Also, don’t forget to watch our time-lapse video!

All Other Locations:

Sam is available to perform across Canada; however, when he flies, he only brings the essentials. All the curtains, lighting and sound equipment gets left behind.

Never fear. Remember, you’ve got a friend in show business!

We’ll coordinate rentals with a local AV company, on your behalf, to make sure no money gets wasted on fancy upsells. You’ll get exactly what you need for a stellar event. We’re committed to getting it right and getting it done well. Coordinating AV rentals might seem as challenging as juggling knives for you, but for us—it’s a walk in the park.

Requirements vary based on audience size, so please review our Technical Riders for Renting AV.

Still have questions?

Please call your event planner / agent